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Reminder: Business owners; you are required to file an annual report Here is a step by step guide.

<Deadline February 15.> The state of Michigan requires most all businesses to file an annual report by February 15 of the new year. If you miss that deadline the state will charge you an extra fee to process your report.

So what is in the annual report? It is the verification of the business being active or that it is still an "open business" here in the state. The report also confirms where the business is located, its mailing address, and the registered agent.

Check out our video to see a step by step guide on how to submit an annual report for a business. If you don't own a business but know someone who does, share this post with them, it could save them additional money by getting their business report in before the deadline. < File your annual report here. < Recover your login information here.

(REMEMBER: this post should not be taken as legal advice and you should always consult a Trusted Attorney with your legal questions.)

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