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Is it to late to assert my rights and reject a booster?

If an employee is working for a company that mandated and you got the vax the first go around, but now the company is mandating a booster and you want to stand up and say no! Can you?

Hello, my name is Joseph Radzwion IV, your trusted Attorney with Radzwion Law, PLLC. Today we are talking about whether an employee is still able to assert their rights under Title VII even after they received the mandatory shot. The short answer is Yes, here is why.

An employee's rights, granted by God and protected under the law do not cease just because the employee went and received the first, second or third round of shots. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not require an employee to hold a religious belief their entire life in order for them to assert their rights under the law.

Over the course of an employee's life, they are free to establish their own faith, hold to a sincerely held religious belief and assert their rights under Title VII by requesting a religious accommodation (exemption). Lets look at an example:

Paul, who lives his life for himself, is prideful, lies to everyone, has unjust anger in his heart, uses God's holy name as a curse word, covets his neighbors things, and lusts after women. Paul has sinned against God and rejected God's commands his whole life. If he were to pass on in this state, Paul will be judged by the most perfect, loving, just judge of the universe, and Paul will be sentenced to eternal punishment because the payment for sin is death.

While Paul is living every day under the wrath of God, Paul received 2 shots because his employer mandated Paul and his co-workers. Paul still gets sick because the shots don't actually give you immunity, they just alter your genetic code. Paul then learns -aborted fetal cells were used to develop the chemicals, genetic altering materials and a host of other chemicals are contained within.

The Good News:

Paul then hears that he has sinned against the most Holy God, is GUILTY and deserves justice (punishment). But if Paul (you) repents (turns away from his sin) and trusts that Jesus Christ, fully God, fully Man, came to earth, lived a perfect life without sin, kept all of God's commands, died on the cross for our punishment and defeated death by rising on the third day, he will be saved from eternal punishment because the Just Judge can legally declare those to trust in Christ's payment as "NOT GUILTY." Paul then repents and trust in Christ's payment and is now "NOT GUILTY" or forgiven by God. Paul then seeks to live his life turning from and fighting against sin.

Paul's employer mandates round three of a chemical that doesn't actually work. Paul's spirit and soul is convicted to not inject chemicals into his body and his new found faith is the reason. Can Paul assert his rights under the law?

YES, of course he can. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not require an employee to hold a religious belief their entire life in order for them to assert their rights under the law. At any point in life, a new found faith, like Paul, can happen and employee Paul would be able to assert his rights.

YOUR Trusted Attorney:

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