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Debunking Gun Control with Facts || Helping you protect the 2nd Amendment this 4th of July

In this post, we are helping you be prepared to stand up for your 2nd Amendment rights.

Hello everyone my name is Joseph Radzwion IV your trusted attorney with Radzwion Law, PLLC, and today we are giving you some factual points for conversations on the 2nd Amendment.

We are going to challenge everyone here to have a conversation with someone at their 4th of July picnic or parade or whatever they you are doing for the holiday, to help promote a pro second amendment message.

How to Start a Respectfully Conversation

Our first tip is how to get into that conversation. You could simply ask the individual, “Do you know why the first shots of the War for Independence were fired?”

(Answer: Because the British were coming for the American’s guns, that’s why Paul Revere was warning people on his midnight ride.)

Another question you could ask the individual to get started is: “What do you think about gun ownership here in the United States?” Either way you should let them an answer you before you respectfully go into whatever points you would like to make.

Stick to the Facts

The three bullet points that I'm going to give you guys today are fairly simple to remember and that is

#1) Roughly 2.5 million defensive gun uses occur here in the United states every year.

This 2.5 million defensive gun uses comes from a criminologist professor at Florida State University. That equals the probability that an individual has a 38% chance in their adult life of needing a firearm to defend themselves or that of a loved one here in the United states. If you could do math quickly that's 12% short of 50%.

#2) The FBI says that rifles are used in roughly 3.5% of murders here in the United States.

That number is relatively low compared to other firearms that are used. But everyone, including the media, makes it seem like rifles are the number one most used firearms to commit murders in the United States and that's simply not true. Again, that number is 3.5% of rifles are used in murders according to the FBI.

#3) Laws will never stop evil people that have evil intentions in their minds and hearts, only God can change their minds and hearts.

Laws will never change the hearts of evil intent people will still do evil things. The example you give is Nice France where guns are very restricted and individual with evil intent to kill people, got into a truck and proceeded to run people over and hit them with the truck killing 84 people. Laws will never regulate evil hearts.

Bonus Point:

The last conversational point is to ask the individual “what does the second amendment say?” and let them give their best guess. Now you as the reader should memorize the 2nd amendment or maybe write it down or google it and read it out loud to the person you are conversing with.

“A well militia being, necessary for the security of a free State,

the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Simply, the militia is “we the people” and it should be noted that it doesn't say anything about muskets or advancement of firearm technology, it's talking about the restriction on the government so that the people can be free by bearing arms.

In sum, my challenge is to have a conversation with one or more individuals this 4th of July holiday weekend. (or any weekend this summer) Remember, rights are like muscles, if we don't exercise them they will go away. We must get vocal and explain that we the people have the right to keep and bear arms and that right shall not be infringed.

Respectfully & For Freedom,


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Only God can change their (evil) hearts . . .

So very true.

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