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Concealed Pistol Class Video Reviews

Below are unedited, unscripted genuine client reviews.

"After taking a class with a different group, wasn't totally  comfortable even thinking about carrying a gun.  But coming out of this class . . . I feel completely comfortable. . ." ~Tim

"Absolutely positive experience with Radzwion Law and their CPL Course. . . The extensive knowledge and attention to detail both from a practical standpoint and legal standpoint is comparable to none. . . "  ~ Matt

"Had a great time today with Radzwion Law. . . great job teaching us, making sure we know the laws, and techniques. . . safety is the main concern. . ." ~Devin 

"I believe that I would be very confident and handle the situation very well after taking the class." 

". . .we learned so much about the laws and every law that involves, shooting a gun, owning a gun . . it was very informative. . . completely recommend taking the class"  ~Sarah 

"I would like to say from a perspective of a 70 year old woman, having zero experience with firearms. Joe put me at ease through every aspect of the class. He exhibited patience with my fears and helped me find my confidence. I now own a weapon and continue to practice and grow in my performance skills. Thank you Joe, sincerely,"

~Denise D.

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