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CPL Application Rejected || Crimes that Prohibit a Citizen from Obtaining CPL || Court Order

So You are ready to apply for Concealed pistol license, but you don’t know if something in your past will prevent you from obtaining the license. Do you know what pending cases will prevent you from applying for your Concealed Pistol License (“CPL”)?

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Radzwion IV, Your Trusted Attorney with Radzwion Law, PLLC, and in today’s post we will be looking at pending legal actions that will prevent a Michigander from obtaining a Concealed Pistol License.

By Court Order

If a court has ordered an individual to be hospitalized for treatment, declared the individual legally incapacitated, issued a personal protection order against them or finds them not guilty of a crime because it has been determined that the individual is insane. All of these pending or completed legal actions ordered by a judge will prevent a Michigan resident from obtaining a CPL.

But the most common thing that an individual seeking to obtain a CPL will encounter is a condition of bond. If an individual has a case and a bond is ordered by the judge, one of the most common conditions of bond is the defendant cannot possess or purchase a firearm. A judge is likely to decree this common condition of bond even if the individual’s case does NOT have anything to do with the use of a firearm. This very standard condition of bond will prevent a citizen from obtaining a CPL.

In a later post, we will discuss crimes and convictions that will prevent a Michigan resident from obtaining a CPL.

Tip to Think Like a Lawyer

Clarify every term and condition related to owning, possessing or transporting firearms with the judge at the time they impose the conditions of bond. Ask for examples if need be to best understand each and every condition the judge sets. This will aid in understanding the does and don't while on bond, ultimately helping you stay out of jail.

REMEMBER: Our posts should never be taken as legal advice. You should ALWAYS consult a Trusted Attorney with your legal questions.

Your Trusted Attorney

If you would like to retain Radzwion Law, PLLC as Your Trusted Attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to protect you when you need it most and we will fight for your freedom!


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