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Failure to Report a Deer Harvest Equals Criminal Charges

The DNR have created a new reporting requirement for all deer hunters who take a deer this hunting season here in the state of Michigan. Our post on that topic can be found HERE: NEW HUNTING RULE 2022

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Radzwion IV, your trusted attorney with Radzwion Law, PLLC, and today we are looking at various sections of the law that could be use by a prosecutor to bring charges against a hunter who fail to report or mistakenly reports their deer harvest.

This post is best viewed on the video where we detail the in's and out's of the sections of Michigan law that we think the DNR may be able to use to write tickets to mistaken hunters. We don't know what the actual law the DNR is referencing when they say hunters could be charged with a misdemeanor offense, because the DNR was vague on the details. So this is our attempt to figure out what hunters may be facing during this year's deer season.

Below the video are the citations to the laws that we talk about in the video for your reference.

REMEMBER: Our posts should never be taken as legal advice. You should ALWAYS consult a Trusted Attorney with your legal questions.

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