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Police Shoot Civilian During Training Exercise in MICHIGAN!

This post is a review of an incident that happened right here in the State of Michigan. An Police Officer Shot a Civilian who was taking part in a training exercise. I will tell you exactly how the Civilian Role Player got shot by the police. But first, here are the three ALWAYS RULES For Firearm Safety.

1) ALWAYS keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.

2) ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot,

3) ALWAYS keep the firearm unloaded until ready to use .

(GOLDEN RULE of Firearm Safety:

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.)

All of these safety rules were violated. Here are thoughts on how to avoid violating the safety rules.

If you own or carry a firearm, concealed carry, security officers, law enforcement, you MUST have administrative processes in place to prevent things like innocent people getting hurt.

Good instructors will teach you proper administrative processes, if you own a firearm or carry one, you need to seek advanced training. You need to spend the time and the money on your own so that the people around you do not get hurt. I talk to about what an administrative process is and how it would have prevented the civilian from getting shot in this post's video below.

Don't ever stop being a student. Get Trained, Be Prepared, Stay Safe.

REMEMBER: Our posts should never be taken as legal advice. You should ALWAYS consult a Trusted Attorney with your legal questions.

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