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Michigan's Proposals 1, 2, 3, & a Tip If You Want Your Vote to Count.

On November 8, 2022, Michiganders will head to the polls for the General Election. What many people don't know is the type of pen or marker provided at the polling location may affect if your vote will be counted or not. We are also going to break down some of the misinformation with each of Michigan's Proposals.

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Radzwion IV, Your Trusted Attorney with Radzwion Law, PLLC lets look at some of the issues and misinformation we have seen with each of the proposals on this years ballot.

Proposal 1 --> Say NO to Career Politicians

Those who support Proposal 1 may point out that public officials would have to disclose to the public assets and financial expenditures and limit the amount of terms politicians have. Under current law, the public does have access to some of a public servant's (politicians) spending and asset usage via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Those who support Proposal 1 make it seem like politicians will have term limits, and their time in office will be shorter than it is now. But, in reality, if Proposal 1 passes, politicians will be able to be hold office for much longer durations of time and we the people will not be able vote them out as often. Say "NO" to Career Politicians.

In other words, if you don't like politicians making their elected position into a career passing a bunch of laws, doing dirty back door deals with big corporations and other politicians, vote No on Proposal 1.

Proposal 2 --> Say NO to the Fox Watching the Hen House

Those who support Proposal 2 make it seem like the Voter ID laws would be mandatory and thus reduce the likeliness of voting fraud. Under the current law, you already have to show your ID in order to register to vote.

Those who support Proposal 2 want to expand the time individuals to vote days and even weeks before election day. This is a problem. Volunteer poll workers are already understaffed and over worked. Expanding the time frame for voting invites a greater possibility for mistakes and even fraud. Prop 2 is a change that is similar to the voting laws in California. So just Say "NO" to California Style Voting Laws.

Those who support Proposal 2 want to RESTRICT who can contest issues that occur on election day. If Proposal 2 passes, only the Secretary of State would be allowed to check to make sure the rules were followed (audit) the voting results. The Secretary of State is the one in charge of handling the elections now, if they are the only one in charge of investigation issues, how likely is it they will investigate themselves and punish themselves for any misconduct. Say "No" to the Fox watching the Hen House.

Proposal 3 --> Say NO to child abuse by "doctors"

Those who support Proposal 3 often focus on the woman's right to choose and women's right being furthered as the main play for proposal 3. How about all the other issues the politicians stuck in the proposal that no one is talking about.

If proposal 3 passes, individuals that by law are not old enough to vote, drink alcohol, drive a car or join the military, can make a life altering decision to have gender reassignment surgery. That's right, children will be able to undergo surgeries that drastically and sometimes permanently alter their bodies WITHOUT their parents even knowing about it. Say "No" to child abuse.

And by the way, if Proposal 3 passes, doctors who are negligent while performing an abortion, cannot be sued for the damage they cause. This is dangerous to live in a society where someone could permanent injury your or even cause your death, but no be held accountable for their actions. Vote "No" on Proposal 3.

Think Like a Lawyer Tip:

If you want your vote to count do this before voting.

(1) Bring a Blue or Black ink pen with you to mark your ballot. (DO NOT use a sharpie, marker, felt-tip pen, or any other writing instrument. ) The markers and sharpies can mess up your ballot in more ways than one.

(2) Fill in the bubbles or boxes on your ballot. (DO NOT make marks outside the bubbles, that vote won't be counted.

(3) Don't over vote. If the section you are voting on says (Vote no more than two) only vote for two candidates. Any other marked bubbles will not count.

Remember: Our posts are not to be taken as legal advice. You should always consult an attorney with your legal questions.

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