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Michigan Gun Control Bill 6544 (Common Rifle Ban)

It's time to spend a few minutes contacting your state representative and senator and tell them to vote no on House Bill 6544.

The general concept is, redefine the word "semi-automatic rifle," then make it a felony to own, purchase or possess a rifle without a true grandfather clause. Watch our video to see how the law will infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights.

This proposed legislation seeks to ban some of the most commonly owned and used rifles in the state of Michigan. It's not just a ban on future purchases but on past purchases as well. There is not a traditional grandfather clause, rather there is an overly burdensome registration clause that is very unconstitutional.

Tell your representative to VOTE NO on HB6544 and anything like it.

REMEMBER: Our posts should NEVER be taken as legal advice. Always consult a trusted attorney with your legal questions.

Read the Bill Here:

Download PDF • 91KB

Your Trusted Attorney

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