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Lets Pray for the Supreme Court of the United States

As you read this post today, January 7, 2022, mankind's most powerful court in the world will hear a case that will be cemented in history. The case's main question is whether the federal government has the power to create and enforce the v@cc1ne mandates. I encourage everyone to pray over the course of the day for the Justices (judges) to use their wisdom, use the law, and protect our individual freedoms.

Father God in heaven,

I pray that you would grant a clear mind to the Supreme Court Justices, unhindered by the stress and pressures of this world.

I pray that you would protect the Justices from evil both physical and spiritual.

I pray that you would give them wisdom in making their decision.

I thank you Father God for being the just judge of the universe who presides over sin and death. I praise you for sending your son, Jesus Christ, as the mediator between us and the Just Judge. I thank you for making a sure way to have peace with you in that all those who turn (repent) during their lifetime from their sins and trust in Christ's complete and final payment on the cross, will be saved from the wrath of the just judge.

I pray all this in the matchless name of Jesus Christ.


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