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Concealed Carry Insurance, What does it Cover? What does it Cost?

Below are two questions and two answers that the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. I have also posted my commentary on these question in the video below.

What does it cost to join the Network?

At $135 per year for an individual membership (3-year individual memberships cost $295; 10-year individual memberships cost $790; $60 per year for each additional household member), the costs of yearly membership are a fraction of an attorney’s hourly fee! Renewals drop to $95 per year. By bringing together large numbers of armed citizens to support the efforts of the Network and its Legal Defense Fund, we aim to keep membership dues at affordable levels and membership benefits growing with each passing year. Thus supported, we hope our Network members feel able to exercise their legal right to self defense, knowing that if their actions draw legal scrutiny, they will not have to face that legal threat alone.

What does my membership fee buy me?

• Fee deposit paid to the member’s attorney by the Network if the member has been involved in a self-defense incident to get the legal defense immediately underway, with representation during questioning, and arranging for an independent investigation of the incident. This is a membership benefit; the member is not asked to repay it.

• Bail assistance: The Network will work with the member to arrange for bail, after the member has used force in legitimate self defense. In addition, the member and his or her attorney must provide facts of the case to show that their use of force was a legitimate case of self defense. The member’s attorney is responsible for providing those details to the Network prior to disbursement of monies to a bail agent. This subject is more complex than a paragraph in a benefits synopsis.

• Current Network members defending against unmeritorious prosecution or civil litigation after a self-defense incident occurring during their period of membership are also eligible for additional grants of financial assistance for legal fees from the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Fund.

• In addition, the Network is working to create a nationwide network of affiliated attorneys and legal experts upon which the member can draw in the event of a self-defense shooting. See our Affiliates page for current information on this benefit. Members' attorneys can also request case review by one of the Network’s experts, paid for by the Network, with findings and advice forwarded to the member’s lawyer.

Other membership benefits include: -Video lectures by major players in the justifiable use of deadly force field sent each new member. These include programs covering pre-assault indicators and how they influence the self defense decision-making process, and a video in which well-recognized experts including Dennis Tueller, Massad Ayoob, Tom Givens and John Farnam present segments, as well as lectures from Massad Ayoob on witness dynamics and aftermath issues. -Access to the Network’s expert witnesses.

REMEMBER: Our posts should never be taken as legal advice. You should ALWAYS consult a Trusted Attorney with your legal questions.

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